El junta escolar tiene la última palabra. La junta tiene programado votar por la recomendación el 17 de noviembre. Se requiere mayoría de votos para aprobar la recomendación.
Students at a southeastern Colorado high school spend several days learning about the Sand Creek Massacre because of a unique agreement with an Oklahoma tribe.
The district cited numerous concerns, but charter leaders say they won’t give up.
“You already took our land,” one student said. “Why are you trying to take our school?”
If the lawsuit is dismissed, it will end a high-profile dispute that earned Denver Public Schools significant criticism.
“The reality is, at several points in the near future, we’re all going to have to make unpopular decisions,” Superintendent Alex Marrero said.
The Denver school board rejected a pared down recommendation to close just 2 schools. Members called for more community engagement even as budget questions loom.
The state on Wednesday revealed numbers long awaited by preschool providers around Colorado — the amount they’ll be paid for each child enrolled in universal preschool.
The State Board of Education is growing from seven seats to nine seats. Find election results here.
Colorado’s Red Rocks Community College leaders say students need to know college will help them not just learn, but also make it easier to live.
Past efforts to overhaul Colorado school funding have hit political roadblocks. Could this be the year?
“I really like my school and I want to keep it open because it’s like family to us,” one second grader told the Denver board, which is set to vote Thursday on recommended school closures.

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Los líderes de los distritos de Denver, Jeffco y Aurora tuvieron en cuenta varios factores a la hora de decidir qué escuelas cerrar. Aquí veremos cómo cada distrito está manejando el cierre de escuelas.
Community groups are rallying to urge the Colorado State Board of Education to adopt inclusive social studies standards after months of debate.
As Colorado districts prepare to vote on school closures, Chalkbeat answered some common questions.
Voters approved about two-thirds of school district ballot measures in Colorado on Tuesday. The 27J school district scored a notable win with its mill levy override
Advocates believe most school districts would participate and provide free school meals to all students.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis made kindergarten and preschool key to his first term. How will he tackle the challenges ahead?
“The rescission of the policy allows the board to give Marrero a new direction,” Denver board Vice President Auon’tai Anderson said.
“The treatment we’ve experienced in the last two months is a direct example of institutionalized racism.”
The Denver school board will vote on Nov. 17. The Jeffco school board will vote on Nov. 10.
Gone by the wayside are reading programs that encourage children to figure out what a jumble of letters says by looking at the picture or using other clues to guess the word.
The 2022 election will determine which party controls Colorado’s State Board of Education and who decides critical education issues.
9% per-pupil boost for pre-K-12 education in Colorado in governor’s budget; higher education budget would grow less than rate of inflation.
Los candidatos a gobernador de Colorado respondieron 8 preguntas sobre temas de educación. Lee las respuestas en nuestra guía.
Hispanic college students offer advice on how to support high schoolers in realizing dreams of college
Although both bond measures and mill levy overrides can impact property taxes, they each have different purposes.
Superintendent Alex Marrero defends his list of 10 schools recommended for closure.
All Wiggins’ bus drivers retired, and the rural Colorado school district can’t hire more due to a driver shortage.
The Democratic governor says education is on the right track, but his GOP opponent wants a new direction.
The Denver school board is set to vote on the school closure recommendations on Nov. 17.
The school, which serves 188 students, will close at the end of this school year.
Solving for what was lost during the COVID years sometimes feels impossible.
The NAEP math decline represented Colorado students’ lowest scores in nearly two decades on the test known as the nation’s report card.
In surprise about-face, MCT is saved from closure. Students gave emotional testimony this week to keep their small high school open.
La propuesta FF permitiría que los distritos escolares de Colorado ofrecieran comidas escolares gratuitas a todos los estudiantes.