Los consejeros no se reúnen con los estudiantes para solamente hablar sobre sus calificaciones. También brindan consejería de salud mental, algo que a veces no se aprovecha.
Board Vice President Auon’tai Anderson says an argument between him and Brandon Pryor at his workplace crossed the line into threats, a claim Pryor disputes.
The early burst of interest could mean enrollment in Colorado’s free preschool program will exceed the 30,000 children expected to participate during the first year.
A Colorado Education Association member survey found teachers are worried about mass shootings and political interference. Staffing shortages feel worse than ever.
If successful, the teacher wants to follow the path laid out by the Spanish language arts program at the school.
Use Chalkbeat Colorado’s bill tracker to follow education legislation in the 2023 Colorado General Assembly.
Aurora and Cherry Creek are two districts that offer free therapy sessions to students.
In 2020, the most recent data available, just 13.4% of the Colorado School of Mines’ 2020 freshman class had Pell Grants.
El programa de preescolar gratis de Colorado pagará por 10-30 horas semanales de preescolar el año antes de entrar al Kinder. Aquí está todo lo que necesitas saber.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis delivered the first State of the State of his second term and said he wants to eliminate state withholding of education money by the time he leaves office.
The first application window for Colorado’s new free preschool program runs from Jan. 17 to Feb. 14.
“The way I lead today has a lot to do with my experiences from the outcomes of the Keyes case,” Principal Michael Atkins said.
STRIVE Prep - Kepner middle school will close at the end of this school year.
Colorado’s higher education leaders requested more money to help meet inflationary pressures and get students to graduation.

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Rebecca McClellan will chair the nine-member State Board of Education and oversee a search for a new commissioner.
This year’s first bills filed by Colorado lawmakers indicate priorities like mental health, teacher supply, and high school for adults.
Long-term budget constraints will influence how much Colorado General Assembly can spend on education.
Denver Public Schools’ superintendent is recommending closing STRIVE Prep - Kepner middle school for low test scores. The school board is set to vote Jan. 12.
Polis proposes in 2023-24 providing free training for jobs in education, health care, and construction trades.
A judge concluded that the ban was “likely the result of improper retaliation” against Pryor.
Stacy Wolff was recently named an Outstanding Environmental Educator by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.
“Siempre estaba asegurando que siempre fuéramos más lejos, hiciéramos más y nos esforzáramos más por los niños.”
Los sistemas de inscripción para el preescolar y los estudiantes de K-12 son separados, y esto ha confundido a algunos padres.
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School closures, leadership turnover, social studies debates, and more. Here’s a look at our top stories of the year.
Education issues the Colorado legislature may address in 2023 include youth mental health, school safety, and teacher shortages.
The Colorado State Board of Education will discuss the process for selecting a replacement early next year.
Colorado will pay most universal preschool providers more per child next year than what they receive now through a smaller state-funded preschool program.
Comidas gratis para todos los estudiantes de Colorado. Esa fue la promesa de la Propuesta FF. Averigüa si tu distrito escolar tiene planes de participar en el nuevo programa de comidas.
The first phase of renovations to the former Johnson & Wales campus were estimated at $10 million. But the cost has risen to $16.6 million.
School board members were initially shocked at the price and will consider downsizing some projects in January or February.
Separate enrollment systems for preschool and K-12 students has puzzled some parents. “I’m so confused with enrolling my daughter into preschool,” one mother wrote on social media.
The Denver school board signed off on moving Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy from its office building location to the former Barrett Elementary.
Los líderes de Adams 14 están luchando contra la intervención del estado. Al mismo tiempo, dicen que están trabajando para mejorar la educación.
Aún no hay recomendaciones nuevas, pero no significa que se haya descartado la idea.
“There are areas where we can evolve and do better,” said the head of the Colorado Association of School Executives. “We need an accountability system that incentivizes innovation.”
The new contract gives Superintendent Karla Loría a raise reflecting new duties since the district terminated a contract with an external manager.
“The debate over Denver’s reforms, as I’ve seen in the political arena, has been extremely heated but is not often grounded in facts,” author of Denver schools study said.
Colorado’s mandatory reporting rules, which apply to employees in about 40 professions, are often vague and contribute to a disproportionate number of reports targeting families of color.
The Colorado Community College System improved its graduation rates by giving students more support in and out of the classroom, with programs to help with life challenges and academic needs.